Hello you little detectives!

The aim is to solve the exciting tasks and ultimately crack the code for the safe.
Whoever manages to do this can look forward to a reward in the safe.

The trail is set up with notes that the forgetful hotel guest Mr Dontknow unfortunately misplaced.
These slips of paper help to solve the riddle and help Mr Dontknow to get his sweets in the safe.



Mr Dontknow forgot the code for the safe in his hotel room. He needs your assistance to get his money again.

Do you help him?

Mr Dontknow has always been forgetful. That's why he made notes that helped him to remember the code. But this time he won't make it on his own.


  • Find the room and go inside!
  • Find out how to turn the lights on - it makes it much easier to solve the riddle.
  • Solve all riddles!
  • Find the safe and open it!

If you made it and the safe is open - the sweets are yours!



  • For supervision, one adult is required per group.
  • Most important: HAVE FUN!
  • Take off your shoes.
  • You can have a snack and a drink in the hotel lobby but not in the room.
  • Pictures are decoration only. Please don't touch them - we don't want them to fall on your head.
  • Use your brain, not your muscles! You don't need muscle power to solve the riddles.

Look at life with the eyes of a child.

Henri Matisse


Pro Kind 9.- Franken (max. 5 Kinder). Die Kinder müssen von mindestens einem Erwachsenen begleitet werden.

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